Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Adventures

We've had a fun summer so far. AND compared to last year, we've had a GREAT summer because I'm not pregnant, HOLLA!!

Gosh, I can't stress enough how much I despised my existence last summer. I did nothing, because it was too hot and I was too miserable to try. Yep. I'm that girl. The one who doesn't LOVE being pregnant! 

The best thing we did last summer was visit Matt's family in Illinois, and while it was bloody hot and I was 7 1/2 months pregnant, it was so great to see everyone and let Emma play with Gramma and Papa. 

Anyways, back to THIS summer. The one where I'm not pregnant...

We've played at the park lots, almost daily. We've swam in the swimming pool, ran through the sprinklers, and played with water balloons. We've fed animals at Wheeler Farm. We've had lots of friends over and cousin family time. We went camping! (Next post)

It's been so fun, and summer isn't over yet! 

I love our little family. I love our daily laughs. I love us. I'm a bit obsessed, but I'm entitled to since they are mine, right? 

Here's some pictures of our summer fun so far:

My little socialite daughter. She definitely has Matt's genes running through her, because she loves going up to random kids and making friends. She calls out to them, "hey kids!" or, "hey boy!" to get their attention. In this picture, there was a little boy that was driving a remote control car around, and she followed him around like a shadow.

Miss Charly chillin' in the shade.

Her face when we ask her to smile. It's to die for!
smile part 2

Sister Shenanigans. I am in love with these pictures. Charlotte picking her nose and Emma flashing her smile makes me so happy to be a Mom! This is what life is like most days!

We went to Wheeler Farm to feed the animals. It's a free family trip, and the duck food only costs 50 cents per bag. Emma loves it everytime we go!

I wish one day you will all be able to witness Charlotte's "looks". I'm telling you, she's trying to communicate through each look she gives. I will take a series of pictures right in a row, and get a different look with every shot. It makes me smile! She is my sweet Charly girl. 

Watching some cartoons in their Sunday best :)

It's always a good day when we go to Hot Dog on A Stick 
I cannot get enough of their lemonade!! Delish!!

My beautiful girls!

Emma loves it when Kami and Kadan come over for the day!

We love summer!!!

The Twistles

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