Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lava Hot Springs

Us Esau's have a family camping trip each year in July. In the past, we have gone to Bear Lake (which I LOVE), but in recent years the water has been too high to enjoy it. Last year my family tried a new location, Lava Hot Springs. We were in Illinois for the trip last year, so we didn't experience all the crazy fun they had. 

This year, we didn't miss it, and had a great time! Emma loves her cousins and was beside herself when she realized she could play with ALL of them ALL day. 

Both girls did surprisingly well sleeping at night in the tent. I did catch Emma sleepwalking one night, which was so crazy. She was crouching on the side of the pack n' play just staring at it. Then I saw her get up, and jump into her sleeping bag and pull the covers over her. Then she was out. That girl, she is too funny. 

We went to the pool on Saturday, where they had an amazing splash area for toddlers. Emma would have stayed there all day. It was so much fun. Poor Matt had to stay out of the water because he couldn't get his incisions submerged, but he was a great sport and played with Charlotte in the shade. 

Sunday we packed up and headed to the river where we rented tubes and had a BBQ. Some of us were lucky enough to ride the river once before a heavy thunderstorm blew in and ended our river fun. We were going to wait it out, but the girls were so sleepy and after an hour of rain, it hadn't let up at all. Kind of a bummer, but it was still a good time with family. 

I got some great pictures this year, and I am so glad we were able to spend time with family. My girls have the BEST Aunts and Uncles in the world, and I feel so lucky that they will be able to bond with them as they grow up. 

Great time family! Love you!!

Soda Springs Geyser, waiting.

Emma LOVED the river. She keeps asking me if we can ride the bumpy river with waterfalls again!

waiting for the storm to pass...

Jessica is such a good mommy cousin :D

These two. They hung out a lot!

Making us some breakfast!!!

Twins... I mean mother/daughter

Mitch got cornered by Zurie!

Emma wanted me to go down the slide with her for the first time; after that she instructed me to, "stay here Mommy, stay." She happily went down all by herself after that! 

Apparently these two like to feed each other, it seems to happen every time they are together!

Smiley Ben 
Matty and me <3

Such a poser this girl!!

Can't wait until next year! Yay for successful camping trips!!

The Twistles

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