Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Happenings

We have been having an eventful weekend so far, filled with birthday parties, buying Fiona Apple tickets (yeah!), and enjoying the amazing weather. 

Yesterday we visited Kami (Anne's little girl) for her birthday party. Her fabulous parents rented a bounce house for the kids, and reserved a special time slot for Emma to play in before all the big kids came over. Pictures to come, Anne had the camera and I need to get them from her. Emma liked the bounce house, as long as I was there to hold her steady so she could keep from falling. She loved to watch Kami jump all over the place, and kept laughing at her the whole time. 

Before heading to the McRaes for Kami's party, we bought tickets to the Fiona Apple concert in July. We have seen videos of her live shows, and it is pretty amazing. This concert will be at Kingsbury hall, which has a great sound for live shows. So excited!

The weather has been so great this weekend, sunny and warm-- just the way I like it! We are going to take Emma to the park after lunch today, she absolutely loves being outside. It doesn't matter what kind of mood she is in, the minute she steps foot outside, she is the happiest girl in the world. 

As for me and the pregnancy, (what did you forget already?) things are going well so far. I am still in the in-between stage of pot belly and pregnancy bump. I hate this stage, I just want to pop out officially so I won't be stuck in the middle. I don't fit into my regular clothes, and I'm not big enough yet to fit into my maternity clothes either (speaking of maternity clothes, all my old ones are for winter-- so I'll have to go out and buy some summer clothes now, since those long sleeves and pants won't be so great this year). It will probably be a few more weeks until this awkward stage has passed, but at least I'm out of the first trimester, that's what I keep telling myself anyways. The rage I had this time around was absolutely insane! 

I just had another baby check up this week, and everything is great! I even heard the fast thump of the baby's heart beat, I love that! The doctor said she will schedule an ultrasound at my next visit, so we will find out if it's a boy or girl probably close to the end of May. I've been telling Emma that there is a baby in my tummy, but she seems way more interested in my popped out belly button. She'll understand soon, that the belly button is hiding a baby brother or sister! 

I've taken a few pictures of Emma this week, including some with her pigtails! Her hair separates perfectly in the back for them, and I was able to do it quick while she was watching music videos. 

laughing at the kitties playing

Happy Emma, but sad Sugar in the background looking longingly outside...

Emma watching TV, Sugar looking at Emma like, "are you going to let me out?"

I'm just noticing that the last few pictures have Sugar in the background desperate to get outside

mmmm, clothing price tags!

She really is turning into her own little person, and looks less like a baby each day and more like a toddler. She picks up on everything so fast, we have been having to watch everything we do because she will do it right back at us! I love this little girl so much, she is such a joy to have in our lives. I'm so glad that families can be together forever, I can't imagine heaven without her! 

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