Monday, April 16, 2012

April showers brings... a lack of blogging

Bad news: April has been a bit cold and rainy, which doesn't help my blogging mood, hence the lack of posts this month.

Good news: It's getting warmer! AND (this is the best part, ready??) AND, I am out of the first trimester of pregnancy!! Somebody please this girl a celebratory cake!! Wow, I feel human again. I don't feel like a depressed ball of gray gloom, and I have a bit more energy, and also feel more optimistic about this pregnancy ( I know, the first trimester really is that bad). I know Matt has noticed a difference too, and doesn't feel as terrified that the pregnancy dragon is going to burn him to ashes anymore. 

It's been a great month, we listened to the inspirational talks during General Conference (which were amazing), we cleaned off our porch and let Emma walk around, and we took a nice, relaxing trip to Bear Lake with our friends for Easter.  

I have a few more posts up my sleeve, but can't get to it yet because my sweet Emma just woke up from a nap, and she likes to contribute to my blogging by hitting the keyboard and chewing on the mouse. It's a bit counter-productive, so I will wait until bedtime to post more. 

More to come!!


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