Monday, April 23, 2012

Emma vs. The Spray Bottle

I'm not sure what it is about spray bottles, but kids seem to love them! Emma especially loves them, and hasn't given up on making it work for her. When I do her hair, I will spray her head with the water, and she giggles and then reaches for the bottle. Yesterday, Matt started to mist her face with the water, and she laughed so hard! We did it again last night, and got it on video, she had us cracking up! I remember doing this same thing to my niece Jessica when she was Emma's age, and the after picture was Jessica soaking wet with a huge smile on her face. Emma couldn't get enough, and we have to hide the water bottles now because if she sees one, she will make us spray her over and over again. This girl is too cute!

The Twistles

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  1. Your girl is too cute :) Just adorable. Hopefully we can see her again soon.