Monday, December 12, 2011

Random October events

We had a great fall this year in Utah, which is so rare I can't remember the last time we had one. The leaves all turned colors, and we didn't get dumped on with snow (silent cheers!). Our friend asked us to house-sit while her and her family went on a weekend vacation. Her house is up Emigration Canyon and is absolutely beautiful! Plus, there is this restaurant/diner called "Ruth's Diner" on your way up Emigration Canyon, that is to die for! Best. Food. Ever. If you want an original home cooked meal, go there. We went for breakfast and I had an asparagus mushroom omelet with a yummy hollandaise sauce. YUM! 

We had a nice mini-getaway at her house, and watched movies and played with their two pups. The hot tub didn't hurt either! Here are some pictures we snapped while up there-

Emma and Matt taking a snooze

Amazing backdrop

We also went to the corn maze during October. Corn mazes are one of those things, where as an adult you think it's a good idea in theory, and then you get there. You start walking aimlessly through, well corn... and it's cold, and dark, and you didn't bring a flashlight. You realize that this time wasted, could have been spent inside, with a blanket, and light. Yeah, I won't make that mistake again. I am just really glad my older brother worked there, so that when all of us adults got fed up of being lost, we were able to call him and have him show us how to get the crap out of there. Thanks Aaron, you saved the  night, a lot of people were spared my irritated wrath! Here we are before entering into the corn maze:

There is no after picture, and be thankful for that! It wouldn't have been pretty. 

Before leaving to the corn maze, we hung out at my Mom's house waiting for everyone to get there. Emma loves animals, and Abe must have known because he plopped right down in her lap and just laid there. She loved it, and I was able to snap a few great pictures. Babies are cute, but babies AND puppies together is just magical. It's pretty much cuteness overload.

More to come! 

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