Monday, December 19, 2011

Halloween 2011

Better late than never, right?! Halloween wasn't that big of a deal this year, since Emma is still too young to really enjoy it. I took her to Matt's work and then to my Mom's work, where she got lots of candy that, unfortunately, she couldn't have! I ended up having to eat most of it, it was a hard job, but that chocolate couldn't go to waste! Halloween was on a Monday this year, so we did go around the neighborhood with our neighbor and her kids. Emma ended up getting some more sweets that I again, had to consume. The weekend before Halloween we carved pumpkins at my Mom's house and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas (my all time fav). Emma was a frog and a ladybug :) Here are the pictures:

This costume was from Grandma Entwistle, but Emma didn't love it so much- there were no leg holes. I didn't think about that before we got it!

Emma the Frog

Emma's (mine) stash

Sasha wanted a part of the stash

 Happy Halloween in December! 

The Twistles

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