Monday, December 12, 2011

Emma 8 & 9 months old!

At the end of November, Emma turned 9 months. She has been dying to crawl for months now, and about the middle of November she finally figured it out. Now, she is pulling herself up and practicing her balance for when she dares to take those first few steps. She likes to chase after the kitties, and for the most part they don't mind her coming after them. It's whens she growls and screams at them, that they take off running. Sugar loves her, Ryno tolerates her, and Sasha is terrified of her! (But Sasha is from the streets, so she has major trust issues). Emma has been so much fun, and it has been amazing to watch her grow and develop. She is starting to understand our words, and will stop what she's doing when you say, "No". She knows the word "binky" because every time I ask her if she wants her binky, she turns her head towards me and opens her mouth up wide to take it.

She is a little chatter box, and will sing and talk as she plays. She loves to play in front of the mirror and sing to herself. If you see any pictures where her mouth is open, it's because we snapped the picture while she was singing! We have a lot of those shots. She is so content playing with her toys, that I wonder if she even knows we're around sometimes!  She is in love with music, which makes sense because both Matt and I love music and always have it playing. The other night, we were listening to Elvis, and she kept starting at the t.v. to see who was singing! She dances when music is on, and laughs and giggles when we dance too. 

Matt and I talk every day about how blessed we are to have such a happy baby in our lives, and I now understand the full love a parent has for their child, especially a Mom's love. Here are some pictures we've taken over the last few months of sweet lil' Emma! 

Momma and Emma, notice Sugar's cameo in the background

So happy to be in the hamper!

Emma singing, one of many...
Emma singing some more...

Playing with Ryno

Hey look, that's me!

And I can see my reflection!

cheesy smile

All ready for the cold weather

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