Monday, December 12, 2011

Go Bears!!

Fall couldn't be complete without football, or at least that's what Matt would say. I don't hate  football, and most of the time I can sit down and enjoy watching it, but I definitely don't love it as much as Matt does! Matt comes from a big sports state, so he was raised with sports being the most important thing ever! There's the Cubs, Bulls, and Bears. I do admit, that it's fun to get together with everyone and eat junk food and watch some football. It's not so fun when your team loses, but hey you can't win em' all, right? (see what I did there... your team loses, but you can't win em' all.. eh?) Anyways... Emma and Matt had a Bears football night, and while Emma was extremely cute in her Bears jersey (courtesy of Aunt Beth), she didn't seem too interested in the game. She just looked cute, and that's all that matters. Maybe when she's older....

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