Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bear Lake Get-a-way

We just got home from Bear Lake, where we spent some much needed R&R time with Ben and Anne and their kiddos. It was a great weekend! The weather was perfect for this prego-- a cool 75 degrees and rain showers/cloud cover, awesome! We drove up early Saturday morning, and got into Bear Lake around 11 a.m. We unpacked, then headed for the Minnetonka Caves located close to the lake. I remember going when I was younger, but vaguely. I should have thought twice when I saw the sign that said, "Can you walk up 71 stairs in a row??" and even more so when I read the next sign that said, "there are 888 stairs in the caves"...

Well, I survived, broken Anne with her ovary pain survived, and Matt with his poor back carrying a sleeping Emma survived. We are a tough group, but by the end we were so ready to be out of there. Unfortunately, the tour guide had 50 more "rock formations" to show us on the way back, so we didn't get out as fast as we would have liked. We were able to make a whole bunch of inappropriate jokes to pass the time, so it wasn't so bad :)

Emma looking at the chipmunks while we were waiting for our tour

She had no nap the entire day, so she snuggled up with Dad and passed out

ugh, just some of the stairs we had to climb

Today, we woke up and hung out at the cabin waiting for Ben to make us breakfast :) Emma absolutely loved walking around on the porch, and soaked up her freedom we gave her the entire morning. After a nap for Emma, we headed down to the beach--

 I have never seen Emma sit in one place as long as she did today. She literally would have starved on that beach, because she did not want to stop playing in the sand. We could tell after about half an hour, when she was getting hungry, because she started to get angry with the rocks and was grunting at them. She wasn't happy that we pulled her away from the water, but changed her mind when she was warm and eating her PB&J back at the cabin. 

We had a great time and ate a whole bunch of junk food this weekend! I love Bear Lake, and even though it was high, it was still beautiful. What a great weekend!

Ben and Anne partaking of the junk food

view from the cabin

passing the time...

Emma's free space

taking a break


Covering herself and I in mud...

Mom growing moment: Not wiping off the mud when Emma put it on my leg, my swim suit, and my cover up. Also, not freaking out when she put the mud in her hair. It's her vacation too, right?

Dad made her a nice little pool to throw rocks in and shovel up mud, good work Matty.

The ride home, she was tuckered out.

The Twistles

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