Friday, October 7, 2011

Willis (Sears)Tower

Thursday was the day we ventured into Chicago, to see the Willis tower and have lunch at Elephant and Castle. Matt and I discovered the restaurant when we visited last time, and it was so delicious we had to go back. Matt's Momma had to work, so it was Matt, his Dad, Emma and I. Emma took a long nap on the way there, so she was up and happy when we got there. I had to see this tower at least once in my life, so that I never had to do it again! After 9/11, I am a bit hesitant to be in any building that has more than 10 floors, so needless to say I was ready to be in and out pretty quickly! I'm not sure if my stomach felt uneasy because we were going to the top of a gigantic tower (108 floors), or that the price for this silly thing was $17 per person! And I didn't even get lunch out of it! Or chocolate! 

Once we got to the top, it was pretty apparent that I would never be doing it again. Not really worth the price to walk around the top of a building for 10 minutes and then leave. BUT, now I can say that we did it, and also Emma too, so she doesn't have to go up again either. We did get some pretty great pictures out of it all, so I am happy about that!

Right before we went up...

 We did go out on the glass ledge windows, and that was pretty intense! I was terrified, being afraid of heights and all, and could not look down. Matt had to go out first, and then I grabbed his hand and looked straight out to get the picture. I accidentally looked down as I was getting off the ledge, and my knees buckled! It was scary!

Matt on the glass ledge
Matt taking a video of the view...

I kept it together for the camera...
Notice my grip on the blanket... I was so nervous!

We went to lunch at Elephant and Castle, a cute little pub restaurant in the financial district of Chicago. Everything was delicious, just as we remembered it! The rain started to come down right as we were finishing, so Matt's Dad ran (literally) back to the car that was parked blocks away to come pick us up. He is so great, and we love him!! We made it back to Ottawa safely, and the sun even decided to come out. 
 After we got back, we went for a walk around the neighborhood and took some pictures of Ottawa and a couple family shots. It is a beautiful town, surrounded with lots of rivers and trees! We are so grateful we were able to visit! 

Matt and his Momma

Emma singing!

She loves putting one foot in the air...

Her new thing is to play "shy" when you look at her

Then she looks to see if you are still looking... and laugh

The town of Ottawa, IL

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