Monday, October 3, 2011

Emma's First's in Illinois!

Emma had a great trip, and also experienced a few "firsts" in Illinois:

First Oreo Cookie 

Grandpa Entwistle said it was time for Emma to have her first Oreo cookie. She loved it (I think), and made a nice mess of herself (we made Grandpa and Grandma clean her up). Here are some pictures and the video of the Oreo mess:

First Swing ride 

Ok, so the baby swing we have at our house doesn't really count! We took Emma to the neighborhood park, and put her in the swing. She loved it! She likes to "sing" as we call it, where she just opens her mouth and makes a singing noise. She was doing that while swinging, and laughing. It was a lot of fun to see her enjoy the swing! We will definitely be taking her on swings again! Here's the video and pictures:


First Airplane ride

Emma did so great on the plane, we thought for sure take off and landing would be an issue, and came ready with binky's and a bottle for her to suck on during those times. On our way to Illinois, she started giggling during take off, and didn't need her binky at all. She did awesome, and I am so thankful for that! Matt and I were both anxious to go to the airport with her, so we made a couple of checkpoints and after we passed each one, we'd look at eachother and say, "we made it through security, CHECK". It is a little nerve racking taking kids to the airport, I am so glad we made it through with no problems. It was a 3 hour flight, and Emma took good naps on the way to Illinois and also coming home. She made lots of friends on the flight, and got lots of smiles from everyone on the plane. She is such a charmer!

All in all, Emma had a great couple of "firsts" on her first vacation to Illinois. We love her so much, and being able to witness all of these new experiences with her are priceless! We love you Emma!

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