Monday, October 3, 2011

Matthiessen State Park & Starved Rock State Park

The biggest difference between Utah and Illinois (besides not having mountains) is that in Illinois, there are forests. I mean large, dense forests everywhere you turn! In every neighborhood you can find a forest to walk into, and quite possibly get lost. Matt's parents live in Ottawa, and within 20 mins there are these amazing dells and hiking trails. We visited Matthiessen State park, and Starved Rock. You can learn more about Starved Rock here. To Find out more about Matthiessen State Park, go here. I have never seen anything like it! You walk into a shade of trees and all you can hear are the crickets, birds, and the wind blowing through the trees. If you are ever near the area, please check it out! Matt and I both agreed that we would hike much more often if we had trails similar to Illinois here in Utah. You instantly get out of the heat, and you are welcomed by the cool breeze and shaded by the trees. Here are the pictures we took, amazing!!

Matthiessen State Park

The Fam at Matthiessen Park

The view of the lower dells from the bridge

Patti on the bridge, we were down below

One of the smaller dells

Inside one of the many mini caves carved out by erosion

The rocks look tough, but they are just limestone! They break easily and can be carved into

Inside another cave

Took this one to give you an idea of how big this place is! Look at the people by the cave, this place is huge!

 Starved Rock State Park

The ground is all limestone sand from rocks that have eroded, it was so cool!

One of the waterfalls, it wasn't very big since it was September. In the spring it's a lot bigger


I know it's dark, but this is another eroded cave in the park

Brad found a mushroom, but I forgot the name already. Go me :)

Happy girl! She loved going on hikes and sang the whole way!

Me and my sweet girl by one of the giant bridges

The leaves started to change, it was so beautiful!!

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