Monday, October 8, 2012

The Twistles- Summer update

So, since being back from lovely Illinois, I am sorry to say that we have not been up to much of anything. It was simply too hot for me to go outside and willingly raise my body temperature to invoke episodes of dragon lady. So, here is what we did:

We celebrated Jessica's 8th birthday at the pool, Emma LOVED the splash park!

We played on the patio A LOT!

Emma played inside, and wore Daddy's hats...

We spent a few days playing with cousins (Jessica and Emma coloring)

Emma had her 18 month check up with a side of immunizations... Emma is growing great and is right where she should be for her age.

 We played with friends! I watched my friend's Lizz's girls and Emma had a great time! She loves playing with Zaylie and Zoey

 Emma and Zaylie playing with rocks. Zay Zay is about 5 months younger than Emma, and in a few years that won't even be an issue and they will be buddies!

 We colored, and colored, and colored...

The first week of September it finally cooled down enough to go outside and play! Emma loves going down the slide. She calls it the "WEEEEE" because that's what we say when we go down.

Anne gave us this car that Kami has grown out of, and Emma loves it! She gets in and says, "bye-bye" like she's going to the store. 

The dirt is her playground, besides the slide, this is what she likes to do

My big brown-eyed beauty! 

We bought more pj's and pants for Emma. I can't justify putting her in 12 month clothes anymore, they just don't fit! These are her new monkey pj's.

 One little monkey jumping on the bed....

That's all for now! Time to play with Emma and enjoy the last few weeks where it's just us at home. We can't wait for baby Charlotte!!

The Twistles

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