Thursday, August 23, 2012

Illinos-- Spending Time With Grandma and Grandpa

My favorite part of our entire trip, was being able to see Emma bond with her Gammy and Gampa. It was so special to me to see her warm up to them, because they mean so much to us, and we want her to love them like we do. She warmed up fast to Matt's Mom, and they were buddies for the rest of the trip. She was even so comfortable with Grandma Entwistle, that during bath time she pooped in the tub just for her! Now that is love. :) Here are the many pictures of Emma and her new friends:

Jakboi and Emma playing at the park

tongue out, ready to go!

Emma and Gampa

playing in the dirt with Mom

Matt and Dad

Matt thought this was a good idea... see the video below!

The park by Matt's parent's house
Emma loves her Daddy
We weren't sure what she was doing, but it was so cute! She kept putting her face down like this, maybe she was listening for something?
Emma playing with Grandma the day after we got there
Chair buddies!
Got my Grandma and my milk...
Meeting her cousin baby Ella for the first time
helping Grandma vacuum

We miss you!!  xoxo The Twistles

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