Thursday, August 23, 2012

Illinois-- Plane Ride and Wrigley Field

Yep, just now getting the motivation to blog about our trip to Chicago. Don't judge, at least I'm getting it done before August is over....

We had a great time, and Emma loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Entwistle. 

Emma did so great on the plane! She said 'hi' to everyone she saw, and laughed when people would say 'hi' back. We packed little "presents" that she could open and have new toys to play with. Our saving grace? Playdough.
 Yep, Playdough was what Emma played with for the majority of the flight. She loved it! I will definitely use this again for our next flight, it was a lifesaver!

We got into Illinois late Thursday night, and took it easy that weekend. Tuesday, Matt's Mom had a "Grandma and Emma" night so that Matt, his Dad, Jakobi, and I could hit Chi-town for a Cub's game. My first one! It was so much fun, and such a great looking field! Matt was in heaven, and could have stayed there forever. Oh, and he caught an official MLB ball! One of the players threw it into the crowd after warm up, and I saw it flying in our direction and nudged Matty (who had his head down reading), and he instinctively put his arm out and caught the ball as if it was nothing. It was so cool! 

driving into the city

Welcome to Wrigley!

They still have an old fashioned score board, where actual people sit inside and update the score. I bet it's so hot in there!


Matty's catch

At a restaurant eating before the game

Jakobi and Dad

Wrigley field seats on top of buildings, so cool!

 Yes, they lost... but it was such a fun experience and I loved sharing it with Matt. I love him so much! Stay tuned for more Illinois Updates!

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