Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emma's Fortress

Yesterday while I was home with Emma, I had to vacuum and mop the floors, and I didn't want Emma to be crawling around on the wet tile right after I washed it. We have two baby gates, one usually blocks the second bathroom where the kitty box is, and the other blocks the entrance to our bedroom-- because let's face it, that room hardly ever gets vacuumed, and she is magnetized to every small object on the floor. Well between our bedroom and the living room, there is a mini hallway, and I just put up the baby gates at both ends and put some toys in there for her to play with as I cleaned. Little did I know, that this would turn into the greatest idea I've ever had. She loved it, so much that I don't know if she even remembered I was there. I have noticed recently, that she enjoys playing on her own. She will get mad and scream at us if we follow her too close as she plays. She likes to be left alone sometimes as she plays, and doesn't like it when we hover. I will go check on her in her room, and she is looking at her books, or playing with her toys contently on her own. It makes sense to me now, why she enjoys her little play area so much, I just can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. Last night, while Matt and I ate dinner, we put her in there to play, and not kidding-- she played in there for an hour until bedtime, which we had almost forgotten about because she was so content. I just love her and her easygoing personality! She has been too easy on us, and we love her for that! Here's the video we took and some pictures of her playing in her fortress--- notice in the video, where she pays little attention to the fact that Matt is even recording her, too cute!

The perfect spot, for a baby fortress

The Twistles

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  1. Ha ha! Brilliant idea! She probably just loves her own little space. I just love this little girl!