Thursday, February 23, 2012

Emma Update

So besides the Birthday stress, Emma has been having lots of fun these last few weeks. Her new favorite thing is to "talk" to you on the phone. She somehow figured out the process of a phone call: "hello" pause "baby jabber" pause "more baby jabber" pause "baby screams". I will call Matt at work, and have Emma talk to him and she will wait for him to say something, and then she'll respond. She loves to talk on the phone! 

Emma also is quite obsessed with making you walk with her. She hasn't decided to walk on her own yet, so she will grab our fingers and hold on to them, and just start walking whether we like it or not. She wants to walk all over the house, as long as she's holding on to our fingers. She just walks around, and jabbers to herself as she walks. The only time she stops, is when there is something on the ground especially enticing. No regular toys will do, she stops for the lint, the mini cat toys that are a choking hazard, and Mom's purse. Gotta love her!

She still likes her fortress, although she likes being out with us better now. She doesn't like being left out, and wants to be wherever Matt and I are. She still loves chasing after the cats, and tries to "meow" at them, but it sounds more like a high pitched scream, which they hate. 

Emma is so much fun, and the new things she does every day makes me so happy to be a Momma. I know I say this a lot, but, ... I can't believe she's one!! Wow, what a great year it's been. 

Time to start all over again???


As I ponder that thought, here are some pictures of our sweet Emma baby:

Uh, Mom? Trying to watch Little Einstein's here..
Wearing the dress Grandma Entwistle bought her

Walking! (with help)

That's her, "up to no good" look

Excited to get Grandma Entwistle's Valentine's present!

Chocolate and a new outfit inside!!

Emma lounges in the carts when we go to the store, most of the time, both feet are up

like so...

Emma's pre-birthday cupcake at Grandma Esau's house

She didn't mess around....

Can you say, sugar high??

right down to the last crumb...

I don't doubt that she'll devour her birthday cupcakes after seeing what she did to this one! She is a sugar-holic just like her Mother! :)

The Twistles

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