Friday, September 9, 2011

My new obsession

Is all about Rolo-pretzels! About a year ago, a girl that Matt worked with brought some in, and offered that I try one. I had a bad run in with Rolos when I was little, and all I remember is puking out of our family van after eating one. So when she offered one to me, I politely said "No Thanks". Well recently, Matt made a batch for himself and some people at work, and he offered that I try one, stating how delicious they were. I again, said "No Thanks". 

The next morning, I looked in the fridge and saw all these little Rolo-pretzels just eying me. So I tried one... and then another one... and well, let's just say I made Matt make me my own batch :) I am hooked, and make a batch once a week if I can. Unfortunately they cost you your first born child to buy, BUT it's worth it when you eat one. Trust me. 

Here is the recipe:
1 bag of square shaped pretzels
1 bag of Rolos candy (I've heard the Hershey's with caramel inside work too)

Heat oven to 350 degrees, place unwrapped Rolo on pretzels and bake 3 minutes. Take out and top with another pretzel and let cool.

Easy right?! I like them cold, so I put them in the fridge for them to chill. They are also very delicious right out of the oven, because the caramel is so gooey. Love them! 

Try it out, and then tell me how addicted you are, you can't eat just one!


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