Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beginning of Fall

There's always a bit of excitement that I get when fall is here, maybe it's the nostalgia of childhood, but it always makes me smile when I walk outside to the crisp chill of the air. The temperature has dropped from the 90's to a cool mid 80's during the day, and around 60 degrees at night. It's time for caramel apples, Halloween, and the State Fair! The only thing I dread about Fall is that Winter comes soon after. 

 We are lucky to live in a beautiful neighborhood, and the field across from where we live is still empty, believe it or not! The wild sunflowers just started to bloom, and so now the field is full of yellow flowers. Matt, Emma, and I took a walk yesterday through the field and then went to the school nearby to play on the playground. So much fun! The simple things in life are the best! Welcome Fall!!

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