Monday, September 5, 2011

L.A.- "Lotsa Fun!"

I'm a little late on blogging, but the first weekend in August we drove to California for Matt's Aunt's birthday party extravaganza! She had a week long birthday celebration, and lots of family came throughout the week to stay with her. Matt's Mom was there and his cousins too, it was such a good time! Emma did surprisingly well for the 12 hour drive, she had a sleep pattern of being awake for an hour, and then she would sleep for an hour or longer, etc. She was so happy, and didn't seem to mind being in the car seat for so long. I think it was much harder on Matt and I, we can't road trip like we used to! It didn't help that we drove straight through without making a sleep stop. We got there about 2 a.m. Cali time, and Matt's Momma was there to greet us... OK she was there to greet Emma, who am I kidding? :) 

We weren't there for too long, so we didn't want to pack our days full of "things to do" while we were there. We went out to eat, went swimming in the pool, and hung out with family. It made the weekend seem longer than it really was! Grandma Entwistle had lots of Emma time too, and we were happy for that! Maybe some day they will move out here.... *hint*hint*

Here's the cutest video of Emma swimming in the pool:

Emma met lots of new family members, and everyone said she looks just like Matt when he was a baby, and I have to agree! It was so great that everyone was able to see her and love her! 
4 Generation photo- Grandpa Mel, Mom Entwistle, Matt, and Emma

Aunt Mar (birthday girl) and Emma

Great Grandpa Mel and Emma

Cousin Michelle and Emma

Matt's cousin Eddie and his wife, Christina just had a new lil' baby boy in July, so we were so happy to see him! I forgot how little they are as newborns, and just loved holding him. They named him Edward, and he is the sweetest thing- the sweetest thing with so much hair that is!

Baby Edward sleeping...

Matt's Mom and Edward
We had such a blast, and it was so sad to leave! Luckily we will be seeing Matt's family again soon, we have a plane booked for Chicago at the end of this month! Emma will have another first: First Plane Flight! We are really looking forward to the trip. 3 weeks to go! Here are some more pictures from California, we miss everyone so much! Aunt Mar is right, we will have to come out to visit more often. 

Aunt Mar and Matt, with Patty's famous chocolate gravy

Bean Pole Emma!

Christina and Michelle


Bath in the sink! She didn't seem to mind

Daddy and Emma swimming, she LOVED the water!

Emma in her new swim suit from Grandma

The Fam'

Griffin (Eddie and Christina's boy)
Emma listening intently to Grandpa Mel

Happy 50th Aunt Mar! We love you!

Emma loves Griffin!

Grandma, Emma, and Mommy

Emma loved the water, she would have stayed in all day!

Aunt Carolyn holding Emma in the water toy

We still love each other! BFF's!

Aunt Carolyn with baby Edward

Michelle's hubby Dan

Thanks Aunt Mar and Uncle Kelley for letting us stay at your house for the weekend, we loved seeing everyone!!

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