Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Friends!

Oh my gosh, this last week has been packed full of cousins and friends! It is so much fun, and makes me so happy to see Emma loving her cousins and friends. 


We have played in the sprinklers, played in the pool, played outside, played in the pool again, and played at birthday parties.


Last weekend we went to Olivia's birthday party, she turned 3 this year! It was at one of our favorite parks, West Jordan or also called The Veteran's Memorial Park. It has two playgrounds, one for toddler sizes, and another wood type one that has a castle and everything. 

We did get a little rained on, but overall it was a great time! Again, I love to see Emma playing with her cousins. It is so fun to watch her create memories and friendships with them!


Russ, trying to be stealthy

Got a smile!!

Sophia=freaking adorable.

Grandma Walker and Charlotte

Part of the party crew 
Cuddling with my Emma and taking pictures of my fam!!

we tried to get a picture with Grandma Walker... this was the best one we got!

"Ca-Ca" as Emma would say. You probably know her as Jessica

Sara and Charlotte! 

They look tough, huh? Don't let them fool you :)

Mom and Charlotte! Charly got passed around quite a bit :D

On Monday, Kami and Kadan came over to play while Anne went to class. I told them we would go play outside in the water after Emma's nap. All morning all I heard was, "is it time to go play outside yet?"

We did have one minor potato bug incident. In the morning before it got too hot, we went outside for a walk and collected potato bugs. LOTS of potato bugs. I mean, a tupperware bowl full of them. 

We brought them inside (first mistake) and I put them on the counter where I thought it would be out of reach for children (second mistake). 

The next thing I heard was Kami shouting, "uh-oh Rachel!!" pointing to the ground in the living room. I couldn't imagine anything that would be so emergent, so I looked over and said, "okay just one minute" and continued making lunch. When I walked over to see what was up (like 30 seconds later), I saw a tupperware bowl on its side in the living room. 

a tupperware bowl that looked a lot like the one full of potato bugs that was on my count... wait a minute! 

Uh-oh indeed. 

Potato bugs were fleeing in every direction. Small ones, medium ones, and the Gigantic ones. I think we got the majority of them, the vacuum hopefully got the rest. It was a sad, sad day in potato bug land. 

But, I still must say...


We've had a fun couple of days, and we are looking forward to more in the next couple weeks!! 

The Twistles

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