Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Lately, I have found myself checking my blogger list to see if anyone has updated their blog with cute pictures and stories. I think to myself, "gosh, I just updated my blog, where is everyone else's upates?"

Then I look at the date of my last post, and realize it's been almost a month since I updated mine. 

Whoops? I guess I'm not exempt from falling off the blogger planet either. I do know of some blogger buddies that desperately need to do some updating... you know who you are... if I read that your last post was ONE YEAR AGO, then you have some work to do!

Just kidding. But seriously.

Life is moving along for us here in the Twistle home. I love my girls more every day and we have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather by going outside every day! If I could change anything, it would be the 15 stairs that I am forced to go up and down with a carseat, toddler, and diaper bag in tow. It. Is. THE. worst. Especially when my toddler decides to jump down each stair while I anticipate a mis-jump followed by her tumbling down the concrete stairs o' death. 

Well, I myself have been busy! Here's what I've been up to:

My friend in our ward has her own business making lollipops, and she's recently asked me to help her make them. She is getting really busy, and has been featured in multiple magazines including Martha Stewart! She has been gracious enough to trust me with her secret recipe and the magic of getting an image inside a lollipop. It has been so much fun, and has allowed me to get out of the house and "go back to work" in a way. Here's her website if you are curious to see what it's all about:

Not only do the lolli's taste awesome, but the images are amazing too! She can even do custom designs for big events or birthdays. If you order something, I may have been the one to help make your lollipop! I know, it's a pret-ty awesome thought.

I've also started watching my friend's baby boy Deion twice a week. He is so different than my dainty and petite girls! He is 8 1/2 months old, so it goes without saying that I have my hands full! He has been so much fun so far, and I love his handsome little face! I'm sure you've all seen the updates on FB, and you can be sure there will be more :)

I will also be watching Anne's babes on Mondays while she takes a nursing class for her degree. It's gonna be a busy summer!!

The girls are growing like weeds, and every day Emma is building up her vocabulary. I can literally watch her struggle to find the words as she is talking with me. Her favorite thing these days is to call our names and then stall by saying, "Um, this!" as she points to some random object. It's pretty adorable. 

Charlotte is rolling all over the place, and I panic daily thinking I have mis-placed my infant. I have to walk around the corner and look beyond the couch until I see her little legs kicking with pride. Then she shoots me the most perfect smile, that makes me celebrate with her as I smile back. 

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I think of my sweet family. I can't imagine life without them! Life is good, even with the bumps in the road :)

The Twistles

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