Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby Food!

I know my sister is going to give me crap, BUT... did you know you can make your own baby food?!


Make it, like from scratch and stuff.

My sister is gonna give me guff because she did this with Sophia and I had totally forgotten about it. That is, until I quit my job and lost our extra income. Paying $1.00 for two packs of baby food seems pretty steep when money is extremely tight.

So to put it in comparison for you...

$10 will get me 20 packs of baby food. 

5 sweet potatoes for $2.40 will get me 24 1 oz. sizes of baby food. Now, that is all one flavor of course, but when you are paying so little, just imagine how much food you can make with all sorts of fruits and veggies!

So far I've made carrots, bananas, and sweet potatoes. I have pears and frozen peas as well that I am going to make. 

I knew I had to start Charly on solid foods, but money was so tight I just didn't want to buy it. I remembered my sister had made it, and I have also seen the "make your own baby food" pins all over Pinterest. So, I jumped online and searched for recipes. When I read how simple it was, I was so angry I didn't do this with Emma! Seriously, SO EASY!!

To make carrots: 
Steam about 8 carrots, 
puree/blend carrots with water until the consistency is smooth and a little runny 
fill ice cube trays with pureed carrots. 
Freeze in the freezer and then put them into Ziploc bags. 

That's it!!!

Sorry, I'm just very excited about this. VERY EXCITED!!

Steaming carrots. I am using our rice cooker that we got for our wedding that I rarely use, until now! 

pureed carrots put into ice cube trays....


EASY!!! You have to do it if you have little babies, HAVE TO!!

Charlotte loves it, well as much as a 7 month old can. Okay, she eats it and doesn't spit it out. That means she likes it. 

The sizes are just right for her, and I will make her two for each feeding. The bananas oxidize quickly, so after you puree them you have to get them right into the freezer or they turn bad. To heat them up, just throw them in your microwave and defrost until they are warm. I add rice cereal to the bananas because they are really runny. 

It is so cheap to make and you get so much. It just takes a little time!

Have you made baby food? Let me know if you have any tricks or secrets! 



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