Tuesday, March 5, 2013


For the past month, Emma has been pulling her swim suit out of her drawer and bringing it to me asking me to swim. This is where I came up with the idea to have a pool party for her birthday party. I thought she would LOVE it, and I was right! Although, I don't know if I was up for the challenge, but I survived! 

The minute she saw the water, her little eyes lit up and all she wanted to do was swim. There was a water area that we played in, but Emma was in water overload, and had no fear when it came to the water. I know she had fun, but I probably had about a dozen heart attacks trying to convince her that she really couldn't touch the bottom of the pool in 5 feet of water. After this, I am signing her up for swim lessons and getting her some floaties or a life jacket so that she can go wherever she wants and not drown. That girl! 

After swimming we headed to the party room to eat pizza and cake and open presents. It all turned out successful in the end, but the Mom stress that comes with birthday parties is unreal! Our little Charlotte was low maintenance as usual, which helped out because both Matt and I were running around the entire time.

This was the look Zay gave me after I asked her if I could take her picture. She also shook her head "no". It was so funny!

cute lil' photogenic Zoey

Matt took total control of the party room and served the food, lit the candles, and cut the cake-- I love him!!

I think this was the ONLY picture we got where she actually looked AT the camera. 

These Two.

They could have fed each other cake ALL night.

The McRae DNA-- Kadan and Kami

I love this girl.

Mitch, Crissy, and Jess. Poor Mitch wasn't feeling well because he swallowed half the pool

Tristan LOVES pretzels. Jessica LOVES being silly. I LOVE both of them.

Got a smile!!

Daddy was on Charlotte duty while I chased around Emma in the water... he got some super cute shots that he added captions to...

"Hi Mommy"

"Ummm, where did I leave my keys...?"

"Do YOU have my keys?"

Matt took this video of Charlotte at the party:

Thanks to everyone who came, and gave Emma a present. She loves everything she got and has been thoroughly enjoying having new toys. I have the best family and friends and I am so glad you all know my sweet Emma and were able to celebrate her birthday with us! 

The Twistles

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