Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday Girl

Emma's birthday was on a Thursday this year, and I wanted her to wake up to something really fun. I blew up about 40 balloons and decorated her door with ribbon for her to wake up to. We had "Minnie Mouse" pancakes for breakfast, and played all day. We also made cupcakes and went to Toys R' Us and let her pick out her present. She had so much fun! I think her favorite was when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her, because she made us sing it over and over and over again! She would start to sing part of the song, and then blow to tell us she wanted to blow out her candles again. We didn't mind, and sang to her little heart's content. Here's some videos and pictures of our birthday girl!

Jumping into her birthday balloons!

If these next few images remind you of something, click here to see the similarities of how this girl eats cupcakes... 

Emma's actual birthday...

The day AFTER her birthday...

She got a baby Cinderella doll and some Moon Dough from the toy store and we ate all the cupcakes until they were gone. It was a fun day!

The Entwistles


  1. All the cupcakes? I seriously hate you! If I helped eat all the cupcakes until they were gone I would gain so much weight, but you? Not a single pound.

  2. Emma ate most of them, but I had a good amount too :) I think I'm actually losing weight!! hehe