Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life With Two

Emma has learned recently that when Mom is with baby Charlotte, she has a lot more time to make messes. We like to call them "Emma tornados" because anything at her level gets strung all over the house. Mom has learned to pick her battles, and just let the tornado sweep through because that means I have an entertained toddler while I need to take care of Charlotte. Here's an example of the mess maker:

Yep, I did that

 Emma has really warmed up to her little sister, and watches everything Matt and I do and then will go to Charlotte later and do the same. She loves saying 'hi' to her, letting her have her puppy, and giving her kisses. 

Yesterday, Emma brought one of her books over to read to Charlotte. You may not have heard of this version of the book... it's in Emma language, but it's cute nonetheless!!

They both keep me busy all day, but it has been so much fun to be home with them and watch as they both grow and respond to one another. I remember with Emma, I just wanted her to be old enough to sit up, and roll, and crawl.. etc. Being a new Mom I was excited to witness all of that. Now, with Charlotte, I know how fast she is going to sit up, roll, and crawl... and I just want her to stop! I know that she won't fit so snugly on my chest for much longer, so I just like to hold her and take in each moment. She has already grown out of newborn clothes, and I just packed those away last night. She is fitting into 3 month clothes already! I know how fast she is going to grow up, and while I can't wait to see who she will grow up to be, I want her to stay little forever sometimes.

Emma and I have our nightly song time, where I will sing some primary songs to her before laying her down. After singing, I tell her, "Mommy loves you very much". She has recently started responding, "and Daddy..." and then I say, "And Daddy loves you very much" and we go through the list including "baby" and "meow meows" which are the kitties, and then we usually start over with Mommy again. It's one of my favorite memories and special times with her, I just love her so much!

I can't imagine life without families and having little ones around, it is hard, but so worth it when you see their cheesy smiles and hold their cuddly bodies. And, to boot, I have my best friend to share all these moments with, who just so happens to be the World's Best Dad too :) Here's Matty cuddling with his girls:

Emma cuddles are the best!
Daddy and Charlotte

The Twisltes

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