Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Emma's First Snow Day

We got some snow recently, and Emma has been having so much fun learning all about "no" which is how she says "snow" (the 's' is silent). Matty got her all dressed in her winter warmies and took her outside to further investigate this snow business. She had a great time... eating snow. 

She was pretty content right there, Matt had to pick her up and bring her into the snow

... eating snow
Sharing snow...

... and shooting a cheesy smile, LOVE HER!

She had a fun time, although Matt made a good point, that it's supposed to be the children who come in all wet and cold, not the parents. Guess Emma is just really good about keeping dry in the snow? It helps when all you do is stand there! Here's the video Matt got of her in the snow:

Happy Winter!!

The Twistles

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