Friday, April 29, 2011

Secret Mommy Society

Since having Emma, I have gone through some issues that I knew nothing about... that is, until I asked an "already Mom" about it. Interesting how all of a sudden I get a plethora of information that would have been useful weeks ago! I believe there is a secret mommy society where no one really tells you all the problems you can have after becoming a new Mom. Maybe it's because there are too many things and Moms can't think of everything unless you bring it up, OR maybe Moms are keeping mum because you might not go through with pregnancy and childbirth if you really knew everything that happens to your body.  I would like to post some things that I found to be useful after the fact of going through them. This way I can't be condemned by anyone who says I didn't tell them anything. Here's a couple FYI's about pregnancy and Mommyhood (MEN, beware in advance if you read this):

After the epidural wears off is when you really realize that a baby just came out of you, because of the pain you feel. Especially if you tear down there. 

Your Uterus bleeds constantly for days after you have a baby. DAYS!! 

While your uterus is having fun bleeding, it's also shrinking, which causes some gnarly cramps, similar to cramps during your period. These cramps also come during breastfeeding. AWESOME.

You can't hold your pee in.

Babies and Mommy's can get yeast infections. Who knew that yeast grows on tongues and nipples?! You do now. 

You think that your boobs just fill up with milk and then you breastfeed? So did I. No one tells you that your  boobs turn into rock solid stones that start dripping with a drop of a hat, and if you don't get that milk out you'll seriously contemplate popping them yourself.

Your abdominal wall muscles separate to make room for your baby to grow. After you have the baby, these muscles are still separated. You'll most likely have to work out to get any kind of stomach back. Again, AWESOME.

Those are just some that I thought of right away, and I'm not trying to scare off any of my friends who haven't had babies yet. These are just some things that would have been "nice to know" before they happened, so you know that it's normal and you don't panic. Turns out new moms and babies don't know what the crap we are doing, so any info is good info!


  1. There is definitely a mommy society and now that you are a mom you always have something to talk about with other moms. A lot of the "secrecy" is because we all have a different experience, and the problems you had others did not. I am only a phone call away and you can call me with questions anytime :) Love ya sis!

  2. @ Shannen- You're right, I do always have something to talk about with Moms now :) Love ya too, thanks for being there for me :)

  3. I often am criticized for sharing too much. Guess if we saw each other more then you would've been more aware. And the good majority of those thing should have been revealed to you by the nurses before discharge. Oh, and if you're abs are truly split, no amount of exercise, crunches or other such things will fix them. Only a tummy tuck will resolve that. Sorry. :/

  4. You crack me up! And as for the trampoline thing...Wait until you have multiple kiddos. I can't even LOOK at a trampoline without peeing my pants! And let's not even talk about what happens to your boobs when you're done nursing...Just remember the good ol' days when you didn't have to roll them up to fit them in your bra! :)