Friday, September 20, 2013

Twistle Summer

The cool air is starting to settle in, we still may have a few warm days left, but they are numbered. We had a great summer, full of friends, family, and water! I am looking forward to fall weather and sweaters, but will miss our summer. It was one to remember. Here are a few pictures of what we did:

LOTS and LOTS of popsicles and ice cream! 

We painted. We painted a lot! There were a few days where it was just too hot to go outside, so I thought it would be fun to paint. It sure was "fun" to clean up afterwards! These girls made a huge mess, but it was a fun time regardless.

Emma's first movie in the big theater. We watched The Croods and she LOVED it! She sees the picture everywhere of the advertisements for the DVD release and she gets so excited.

Family lake day! Thanks to everyone who came, it was a fun time. Except for the wind. and the bees. Oh, and the huge thunderstorm that threatened to strike us with lightning. Other than that...

And lastly, our Charlotte. She's been extra cuddly the last month or so, and we've been loving it. Her little baby teeth are wreaking havoc in her mouth, so she's been a little bit more on edge and has needed more cuddles. We don't mind one bit :) She will be 1 year next month!!

Happy "almost" Fall!!

The Twistles

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