Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yay! Emma is getting to the age that she's recognizing everybody. She is remembering names and faces and places!

She especially loves her Uncles and Poppa.

She asked the other day to see Uncle O-nan (Owen) so she could tickle him. The way she asked was adorable... "Mommy? See Onan's house? Cookie, cookie?" (as she scrunched her face and imitated tickling with her fingers).

 It will be a sad day when "tickle, tickle" is no longer described as a delicious baked goodie. 

We had a full week of cousin visits this month! A few days before we were to leave for Montana, my sister and her kids came to Utah for the week. Luckily, we were able to see each other for a day before our trips overlapped. They stayed at our place and took care of our crazy cats and watered our plants while we were gone, thank you Jensen family!!

Emma loved playing with Sophia, Sara, and Brandon. She asked what they were doing the entire time we drove to Montana. 

Aunt Shannen and Uncle Ben gave us Sophia's toddler bed for Emma, so far so good! She loves it!

Emma and Sara playing outside on the patio after the rain 

Playing games with Brandon

Sophia was holding her smile in, it was the cutest thing ever.

Sara turned 13!! Holy crap! The oldest niece of the family :)

More cousin love! Emma met her second cousins little Eddie and Griffin when we drove to Montana:

Griffin and Charly

Emma and little Eddie eating some eggs for breakfast. He is 5 months younger than her, but 10x stronger! This little guy is a tank when it comes to bumps and bruises!!

We love cousins!! 

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