Friday, August 26, 2011

6 Months Old!

Emma is 6 months old this month! Wow how time flies! We have her 6mo check up next week, and I can't wait to see how much she's grown! She has gone from this in June:

 To this:
So big! Also, we are still swaddling her (I know the end is coming near), and a couple times in the morning we have found that she has managed to roll over onto her tummy in her swaddle: 

She must be a tummy sleeper like mommy! I have let her sleep sans swaddle for both naps today, and have found that if I put her on her tummy, and give her a blankey to snuggle, she passes right out! Hopefully this will continue to work during the night as well. I tried to let her sleep without her swaddle a couple weeks ago, and she woke up 3 times that night because she had knocked out her binky, or she rubbed her face with her hands. She just barely started sleeping through the night this month, so we have only enjoyed it for about 3 weeks now. I don't know if I'm ready to go back to waking up twice a night again, when she wakes up because she's not swaddled! Ugh. 

Moral dilemma: selfishly swaddle your child to sleep more (and possibly stunt her growth), OR stop swaddling her and wake up multiple times a night until she gets it? *sigh* 

Emma has also started eating baby food, which she totally digs. However, she only seems to like the sweet stuff... (she may not look like me, but her love for sweets is a dead giveaway that she's my child). She loves sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, pears, bananas... she ate peas and carrots one time, and the second time I offered them to her she over dramatized it, and gagged and coughed when she ate it! Guess we'll stick to the sweet stuff for now:

She is definitely an old soul, stuck in a child's body. It seems as if she knows how to do everything, but simply cannot get her small body to cooperate. She is chatting away, making complete sense to herself, but we can't seem to understand her. She looks at us like we should know what she's gabbing about. She tries to crawl every day- almost like she's practicing! She will stay on her tummy and move her legs until she gets tired and frustrated. Once she gets things down, she becomes a master at it! I can't wait until she masters crawling! I know you Moms out there will say, "You say that now, but wait until she...*insert over-used Mom phrase here*...blah blah blah. I will love when she's getting into things and crawling around eating everything in sight too! I will just be a proud momma with my mommy goggles on. She is the best thing in my world. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her this month. She is such a ham for the camera!

Making dinner with Momma!

My lil' model baby, posing for the camera

Photo shoot!

Emma's first Cubs tee! Matt was a proud Daddy

Happy 6 Months Emma! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. Thanks for choosing us as your parents. We are so excited to share your life with you!

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