Monday, July 4, 2011

Kid Extravaganza!

Last weekend while Crissy and Owen went on their amazing honeymoon to Hawaii (so jealous), we took Jessica and Mitch to our house for the night. They had sugar flowing through their veins from all the sweets they had previously eaten at the reception. Right before we left the reception I saw Mitch eat at least 3 more chocolate truffles from the buffet. Needless to say, they had a lot of energy! We did get them into bed around 11 p.m., which Matt and I were both pretty proud about. We had fed Emma at 11 also, so we were certain we wouldn't be waking up to feed her until 6 or 7, we were set.... or so we thought.

1:30 a.m.: Jessica wakes up crying because her legs hurt (poor girl). The only thing we could think of was that she had been running around all day in dress shoes and that may have caused it. Matt ended up lying next to her until she fell back asleep.

3:00 a.m. Mitch wakes up crying, because he wants to go home (that was his first reason for crying). We talked him through it, and eventually he told us he was "so hungry!". Poor kid, he had a sandwich and fruit at the reception, before all the sugar, but by 3 a.m. he was starving. Matt made him some chicken nuggets, and fed them to Mitch as he lied in my lap sniffling.

5:00 a.m. Emma wakes up to eat. I got up with her since Matt had already been up twice, and she was hungry! I fed her and she went right back to sleep ... until 7 a.m.

Needless to say, it was an eventful weekend! We were so tired by the time we took them home. We did some swimming while they were here, and I'll put up some pictures in my next post. Love those kiddos so much, but not ready for 3 yet!!


  1. OH my gosh!! I had no idea! What a rough night! And people wonder why I get so overcontrolling when they're with us. lol. It's never to be strict, it's to make sure they stay safe and healthy. You would be a great mom with three. I promise, it's not like that 24/7. I call that the exception to the rule, night. You're definitely very lucky though to have one very well behaved angel ;) The kids love you to pieces and I'm so glad they were with such loving people. I'm sorry the night was rough, but I'm grateful it was with someone who loves and cares for them so they could be held and feel safe. Love you both!!

  2. It is totally fine, we didn't mind it at all! I know eventually I'll be ready for 3, it was just interesting trying to juggle 3 kids attention! :) Good thing I had Matt there to help. Love you too!