Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life Lessons from Jerry Maguire

Not sure if anyone knows how much I really like the movie Jerry Maguire, although it's rated "R" and has a few racy scenes, it's still my all time favorite. An old girlfriend and I used to watch it all the time, and can probably still to this day quote most of the movie. Well, I figured that there are some good "life lessons" to be learned from the movie, and I will share them with you. Beware, there is a scene where it shows some naked behinds belonging to men.... 

Lesson #1: The Things We Think, But Do Not Say (F*bomb dropped at beginning of clip)

Do not be afraid to speak up, and say what's on your mind. Confrontations- good or bad- can be hard. But if you never say what's on your mind, you then choose to carry it with you. 

Never say things you will regret later (I've learned this many times the hard way). I really like this quote by Ambrose Bierce, "Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret." If I had the opportunity to go back and speak without anger in some of my past conversations, I would.

Also, have you ever thought something was a really good idea at the time, but then after following through with the idea, you quickly regret doing it? I have, and that feeling of panic you get when you realize what you have done is like no other! Make good choices people!

Lesson #2 Show Me The Money!

 Never be afraid to yell, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!" Especially when you deserve it. 

Lesson # 3 Friends can tell eachother anything, if you have your "friends" hat on (Beginning of this clip shows naked booty)

Take responsibility for you actions, inspire people, and always play with your heart, not your head.

My favorite quote comes from this clip, " I don't wanna be friends no more!"

Always strive to be other people's "Ambassador of Quan"

 Lesson #4 Help Me, Help You

Sometimes, you just need to help others help you- Help me, help you!!! 

I am by no means perfect, and have my flaws, but thought this was a funny way to highlight my favorite movie and lessons you can learn from it! I heart Jerry Maguire!!

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